About Newport Wealth Management

Newport Wealth Management ("NWM") is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor, offering portfolio management services, financial planning services, and other portfolio consultation services. 

As a fee-only investment advisory firm NWM is free from many of the conflicts of interest that exist when firms work on a commission-based or hybrid commission/fee-based business.  NWM's revenue comes only from clients for services rendered and is clearly stated in our fee schedule, with no hidden fees.  NWM does not receive any commissions or any other other revenue for any investment selected for portfolios, or any recommendation made during the financial planning process.

A Fiduciary Standard

NWM operates with a fiduciary duty to always act in a client's best interest.  With the incredible complexity in today's financial environment, and so much at stake, we believe it is the only standard by which any type of financial services should be provided. 



If you have trouble answering any of those questions Newport Wealth Management can help!


Inquiring into becoming a client of Newport Wealth Management involves just a few steps:

  1. Click the link above and complete a brief questionnaire that will take less than 30 seconds.

  2. NWM reviews the questionnaire to prepare for a more in-depth conversation.

  3. Both the prospective client and NWM decide whether an advisory relationship may fit.


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